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Festival Globale Montevideo

¿What is Globale?

1 June 2009

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Globale is an annual documentary film festival, organized by a group of Berlin based activists, journalists, students and film fans.

During 2008, besides Berlin, the festival took place in Lima, Perú and this year, for the first time, Globale will be set in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Globale‘s spirit is to develop solidarity towards politically active people and groups worldwide, bringing to attention social and economic injustice.
This is not just a film screening, but a meeting between militants, academics, journalists, film makers and the common spectators.

Globale’s film selection changes every year according to the topics selected by the organizing team. During the festival, the screening is supplemented with thematic panels about one of the proposed topics, adding to the viewer`s debates after the projections. This way, Globale occurs as an open and productive platform encouraging the meeting of film makers and activists to discuss about their work, exchange ideas and establish cooperation.

It has always been of Globale’s interest the diffusion of films coming from social and geographic contexts that are generally rejected by the great production companies and the film industry, therefore suffering the lack of representation in the mass stereotyped global visual production.

Globale Montevideo

Globale Mvd starts with independent group that takes the concept of the festival and brings it to Uruguay, organizing the film screening in Montevideo and adding screenings in other places that have joined the project.

Since the beginning, different spaces and groups demonstrated interest to be a part of the project, which made possible to generate a team of collaborators that take decisions on a horizontal way, without hierarchy and in a good intentioned manner.

Be a part of Globale

Globale is open to every person who has an interest to join, according to a couple of basic principles: equality and plain rejection to any kind of discrimination, meaning that every group and person is the same, and no hierarchies would be tolerated.

Decisions are taken consensually. Every worker is a volunter. The festival could be supported by public or private funds, local aid and helping groups. There are no sponsors with commercial interest. Along the year, we try to aid in political campaigns —not party rallies- with our knowledge and our ever growing film archive.

Get involved!

You can also be a part of the network by sending films that fit Globale’s criteria. Spread the Word and encourage other film makers to participate, and join Globale.