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Festival Globale Montevideo

Globale Montevideo

1 June 2009

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Globale festival is an instance that aims –through documentary film diffusion and debate generation- to reunite, visualize and confront opinions about globalization related processes with a broad audience.

Globale begun in Berlin in 2003, as a social and political documentary film festival, now it extends to Montevideo, Uruguay, where it is going to take place for the first time in 2009.

Globale Montevideo is a heterogenic group of people, mostly related to other cultural and social projects working in specific areas with diverse public.
Globale’s general interest, and mainly in Montevideo is broad:

  • To bring documentary film to the masses, which allows through cinematographic language, to create awareness, condemn and inform, showing aspects of reality often ignored or mixed up by the big media corporations.
  • To generate opportunities to debate, think and establish critical debate on globalization processes, identifying its impact and consequences in Latin America.

This year’s selected topics for the selection are: transnational companies in Latin America, practices in organization and autonomy, food and transgenic, popular resistance and gender issues.