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Festival Globale Montevideo

First press release / Presentation

1 June 2009

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Gobale Mvdeo 09 / Documentary Film Festival

Globale, a documentary film festival, will take place in Montevideo from May 21 to 27. This opportunity to show and share documentaries was born in Germany and has been taking place for the past 6 years.

Globale’s proposal, through the screening of documentaries and panel discussions, is to encourage getting together, seeing and sharing different situations, discussing and confronting opinions with a wide audience on topics related to globalization processes.

Globale was born in Berlin in 2003 as a social and political documentary film festival and it spread over to Montevideo, Uruguay, where if will take place for the first time in 2009.

The general and specific interest of Globale in Uruguay is very vast:

  • To encourage the public to see documentaries, which through cinematographic language enable to reach people’s conscience, report and inform by showing sides of reality which are often ignored or twisted by large media corporations.
  • To generate a space to exchange opinions and raise awareness, critical debates on the globalization process and to identify its impact and consequences in Latin America.

This year, topics for the selection of documentaries have been the following:

Multinational companies in Latin America, experiences of self organization and autonomy, nutrition and transgenic products, popular resistance and genre matters.

The Festival

Globale Montevideo will take place from May 21 to 27 in different parts of the city. Based on the idea of reaching a wide audience, the festival will take place in a movie theater of Cinemateca Uruguay and other places such as schools and social centers.

Thursday May 21 at 7:30 will be the opening of the festival at Sala 2 Cinemateca, where there will be a panel of guests to exchange ideas on the topics triggered by the documentary “A little bit of the truth” of Corrugated Films and Mal de Ojo TV.

“A little bit of the truth”, the documentary of award winning director Jill Freidber, gets us close to the social movement in Oxaca, Mexico, during the days of popular resistance in May 2006, when a teacher strike derived into an unprecedented rebellion where the people, self organized in a horizontal way, took the lead of their lives.


Globale Montevideo is an open space, comprised by a heterogeneous group of people, most of them related to other cultural and social projects working in specific environments and with their own and diverse audiences. The group’s objective is to consolidate at the local level and to reinforce its relation with the Globale network.

Group contact: contacto@festivalglobale.org

Media contact: prensa@festivalglobale.org.

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