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Reference groups and friendly initiatives

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Several reference groups and organizations have provided support to the making of Globale Festival in Uruguay.


Autofocus is a Project to promote and showcase audiovisual material which has the infrastructure and human resources needed to set up screenings indoors or outdoors. Ever since it was created in 1997, it has participated in several occasions by promoting the use of the audiovisual technique and showcasing productions of Uruguayans.

Cinemateca Uruguaya

A non-for profit civil association whose aim is to contribute to the development of cinematographic and artistic culture in general, in many sectors of society and specifically among young people, by keeping and preserving a heritage of images on the move and providing access to the public to the spiritual and creative values of expressive author film making.


This project has a regional focus and is addressed to initiatives of participative communication in the countries of the Southern Cone, generating networks with others in Latin America and Europe. One of its objectives is the cooperation and exchange among different mass media of communicative participation in the Southern Cone by using words, voice and images, thus creating an interconnection of community media in the sub-region.


A reference group betting on documentaries as a tool for political and social action. Conbronca ( Spanish for “bearing grudges”) has been in this activity for many years, especially organizing debate-forums based on documentaries as triggers and promoting participation and trying to climb over the wall built by owners of mass media. A new production stage was started last year.


A reference group based on action and the spreading of information, searching for international links of resistance and solidarity against Impunity, Imperialism and State Terrorism in Latin America and the world.

Las Decidoras

A reference group of Autonomous Feminists. Las Decidoras has to do with what they want: seize their own practice and their own words, and give them new meaning to provide elements in the debate and the fight together with those who resist and create, to build a new world.


Commercial places built for direct Exchange between ecological producers and consumers, avoiding the middle man. Organic producers become part of it through the cooperative EcoGranjas (ecological farms), set up on October 1, 2004 after the initiative of ADOPU. Consumers become members by paying a basic “contribution”. Eco-stores are managed by producers and consumers.

Globale Berlin

Berliner reference group, creator of Globale festival, a group of political activists, journalists, students and film lovers in general. Globale is an active member of a network of critical social movements about globalization, which is connected both locally and internationally.

Grupo Guayubira

This group gathers people and organizations concerned about the conservation of indigenous vegetation and the socioeconomic and environmental impact of the present unsustainable forestry model based on large scale single crops of trees.

Posada al Sur

The main objective of this initiative is to promote, sustain and carry out experiences of Social Networks or Solidarity Economy and cultural production in Uruguay and the Southern Cone, by means of an approach focusing on human dignity, respect for socio-cultural diversity, the environment and the South-South connection among the peoples of the world.


This is an organization working from the socio-ecological perspective. The present ecological crisis is mainly due to resource concentration processes and decision making in the hands of a few corporate actors, acting on the grow or die basis, with the aim of generating the greatest profit possible in the short term, without considering the impact of economic activity, whether ecological or social.

Red Alternativas y Solidaridad

The main objective is to spread independent information to great monopolies of world and national press agencies, reflecting and spreading the opinions and actions of all popular organization, associations, groups and not necessarily party groups, which struggle for their rights, freedom of speech and participation in civil society.